Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sign's of the time......The interesting and the humorous

Throughout India, you are bound to see a sign that will catch your eye and the words or creative license that the owner or sign maker has taken may just elicit a smile or chuckle.....or may leave you pondering the question of "what in the world were they thinking"?

Here are five such signs; just a few of the ones that I have most recently discovered. There are countless more that I have seen but did not take the time to photograph.

I have decided to begin collecting them...on film of course.

Now for the first sign........

I have read the story of Snow White......and read it once again just to make sure that I had the story, perhaps this "SALOON" is owned by seven "vertically challenged" little people.....or perhaps, it is the wicked queen who was trying to kill Snow White....Maybe the prince is the proprietor of the saloon......High Ho, High Ho.....or were those dwarfs singing Jai Ho all this time?
Picture this......

Ladies and gentlemen, you can use this room to get "drassed" in......growing up in the southern United States, there is what is known as a "Southern Drawl" accent that is very common and stretches words and typically extends the word when spoken.......this photo was taken in Northern India (Mussoorie)......not Alabama! by the way......could someone put some "RAANCH DRASSING" in a care package for us???? is very difficult to find.

We are halfway through the pictures......and the combination of offerings at this Barber shop just caught me as being humorous....

I have never been to a BARBER, for any of these....perhaps you dont find the same the one year I have not seen an Indian, male or female with "Bleached Blonde Hair"......

The next sign caught my eyes in an alley way that Linda and I were walking through one morning in Mussoorie.

All this time, I thought that the cause of ROAD RAGE was the lack of courtesy of another driver.....some act that a particular driver does to another that would cause them to get so upset and to develop such anger.....however, the secret was revealed. The true source of Road Rage is when the owner of a car parks his/her car in the GAR please......everything on the road will return to normal and friendly if you simply park your car on the side of the street.....the only other thing I can think the US there is a fish named "GAR" you think he has a very nasty GAR FISH that is enraged behind the doors?...We may never know.
This last and final picture still has me scratching my head trying to figure out if this is some special code....or perhaps it is a dental office run by "identical twins"......or it is a Dentist Office that caters to stutterers......Dr. Ag g g g arrwall, could you please fit me for my BR R R aces?" is that the temperature of the office is kept so cold that everyone is freezing....BRRRRRRRR it is cold in cold the doctors decided that instead of purchasing a sign with the correct spellings, they spelled it like people are used to hearing them speak due to the freezing temperatures.......just look at this sign and see if you can figure it out.

Or could it be a special code.....?

I am open to hearing everyone interpretations of these me out!

What say you?


Anonymous said...

Oh. MY. WORD. That last one had me cracking up out loud and I spit out my coffee reading your commentary!


Lloyd said...

Naomi.....I am glad that I could make you careful with that coffee.....not good for computer screens and keyboards.

Anonymous said...

actually the last one can be explained. the spelling of the names of the doctors gives a clue, as they have extra alphabets. This seems to due to their belief in numerology or something like that. I gues here their numerologist must have advised them on the name of their clinic too.

Lloyd said...

Thanks for sharing this.....I enjoy learning new things all the time......I haven't tried to eductae myself on numerology as of yet......but I will.....thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.....and for reading my blog.


A Reason To Write said...

Hey - I think the bleaching would be for the skin not the hair - sadly.