Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jaipur Train Station

On November 30th, I traveled by train to Jaipur on wasn't the best trip that I have had due to several delays......what is normally a 4 hour trip turned into an 8 hour journey.When I finally reached Jaipur's station, it was 2:00pm.....half of my day was already blown....normally I arrive at the station at 10:30am......hop right in the car that is waiting for me.....and never truly have time to explore or see things happening except through the windows of the taxi.

This time, as fate would have it......I arrived late.....and took a wrong turn....instead of heading towards the main terminal, I used a catwalk that took me to the far side....and right into the middle of town.By 2:00pm in the afternoon, I am usually busy working inside one hotel or another.....never getting a chance to see what life is like at that time of the day.

Here are some of the pictures I snapped of LIFE around the Jaipur Train Station.....Do you see a recurring theme here? It was definitely time for a quick nap for many of the Rickshaw Drivers.....but I can't blame them.....they work very hard.......very long seems like a tough job....

Do you think they are comfortable?

These Rickshaw drivers and I have one thing in common.....sleeping at the same place I work.....but when at the end of my day, I usually get to sleep in a Four Comfort Bed....the special bed designed by Sheraton for our guests to enjoy.
Happy Viewing....and napping, wherever that may be!


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