Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monkeying around New Delhi last Sunday

Last Saturday I finalized the apartment, and I asked Ramesh to take me furniture shopping......there are so many options, but nothing like the traditional style furniture we have in the States. My goal was to take pictures of some things I thought Linda might like so that she could help me furnish our "home" long distance.

A few days earlier, I had mentioned to Ramesh that Preston had asked me if I had seen any monkey's since living in Delhi. We had read some funny stories about monkeys in India on the internet, but since living here I hadn't seen one.....well Ramesh remembered and said "Sir, today I take you to see monkey's".

On the way back from furniture shopping, he drove through a wooded area, or green space, and the monkeys were everywhere!

I took several pictures, but I am only able to share five with you at this time.......

I am sure that this will be a drive that gets taken very shortly after Linda and Preston get to was amazing to see so many just at the side of the road.

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Matthew S. said...

You should definitely furnish your home with some monkeys. Like my office.