Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our First Dinner India!

Linda,Preston and I volunteered to host a dinner party at our apartment for the entire team and their was a great way to get everyone together when our "American Guests" were here on business. Of course, preparing for the party just added an additional weeks worth of running around for Linda and I.

I decided that it would be fun "surprise" for Chris and Rob to wear some traditional Indian clothing, since I had enjoyed the experience resulting from the the "theme" was Indian.....go figure! I emailed Chris's wife and got his sizes for his kurta top and his size 9 "jutti's". For Rob, I just looked in his jacket one day while he was working in the office.

The party provided the necessary "motivation" to get some of the photographs that Preston and I have taken enlarged and framed. The purpose of this of course was to fill our blank walls with "art". Linda also had a hand embroidered silk scarf turned out to be a beautiful piece of artwork as well.

And speaking of walls, Linda visited the paint shop......chose a wonderful color for the walls in the foyer and arranged for two painters through a friend to paint......we needed the perfect background color for the pictures......other than the whitewashed walls.

The combination led to me drilling holes in the brick walls of the apartment, putting in the lead anchors and screws....

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the two pieces of furniture we purchased; inexpensive by American standards......and purchased with how they will look back in our home when we return.

And with furniture.......Linda just had to find some "accessories" to complete the decorating project......but again, some very unique pieces that we will have as "treasures" when we return from this adventure. Of most interest is the wooden ladder from Nepal.....I am not sure of it's age, but it is carved from the trunk of a tree.....with notch's for steps......very unique!

Many of you have asked for photo's of how our apartment is shaping up, and I will do a "before and after" at a later is still a work in progress.......but back to the party.

Just before the party, the driveway was filled with candle filled sconces lighting the way to the party......when the guests arrived, they were greeted with candles surrounded by flower petals that linda had arranged in a nice decorative pattern.

Furniture was moved out so we could move in some round tables and chairs to accommodate almost 30 guests.

It was a catered affair.....arranged by Sonya and Ashish.....which was a huge help to Linda......and the food was fantastic.

The caterers brought in a "tandoor oven" to cook the Kashmiri food items on the, chicken, lamb, and a host of vegetarian items as well.

The party was a success.....and in the future we are destined to host some additional get togethers for the team......some of our new expat friends and their families....and some of Linda's network of friends from the various organizations she is involved in..with differing themes.

Although the party ended and the last guest left around midnight......Linda and I were up until 3:00am cleaning and mopping the floors......that last picture shows what the kitchen looked like towards the end of the night.

All we need is a reason to party! I guess our next "guest of honor" will be our son Parker......who we miss tremendously!.....Hmmmmmmm.....I wonder what theme we can have for his party?

Bon Apetit....and Cheer's!

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Shelby Crutchley said...

I've just started reading your blog (I'm currently going through the archives) and I must say that I am really enjoying it! My husband just recently started a job with ABS (the American Bureau of Shipping), and we have recently found out that one of the possibilities for our next placement could be India.

I have always been fascinated with Asia as a whole, and always wanted to visit India. I was wondering if you would possibly be willing to trade a few emails or recommend some sources for us to research some of the possible locations? I am also very interested in what life is like as an expat over there. I'm completely up for an adventure, but I'd love to have some insight from people there.

Since he works for ABS, I do know that he would be in a port city, but that eliminates only a few possibilities.

Thank you again, and I'm starting from the beginning of your blog!

Best Wishes,

Shelby Dillon
shelby.crutchley [!at] gmail . com