Monday, April 27, 2009

Typical Saturday Family Shopping Day!

I recently read, in one of Linda's handy books that she bought from one of the lady organizations she attends, about this very interesting shopping area in Delhi.....this was our second trip.

The shopping area consists of shops from various parts of India, that sell handicrafts from the villages from their state. All of the prices are very reasonable and fixed, so there is typically no need to go through the typical bargaining session that is the highlight of other shopping experiences.

We found a few exciting things to decorate our apartment with, but there were no major purchases. Well except a statue of Lord Shiva.....that Linda thought was the statue of a girl.....she kept referring to it as "Her" until our driver Ramesh pointed out to me that it was Lord Shiva......the destroyer!

But I did get a couple of very interesting photographs and some colorful ones as well......and what Preston typically does when Linda and I explore the shops.

I know that Preston can't wait to get his big brother over here so they can go off and explore things on their will be good to have both of our boys back together again.....even for a short time.

We think about you all the time Parker......about 22 days and you will be here......and perhaps you can find a place to sleep like Preston!

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