Friday, June 5, 2009

It's all about Parker!

Word's cannot describe how much we are all enjoying having Parker around.....a complete family once again for a short time.

Well he has had a series of "FIRST'S"......on this trip,

including the all important Tuk Tuk Ride......we took it to the market one lazy Sunday when the temperature reached a cool 115 was on this trip in the Tuk Tuk to Sarogini Market that he also learned the art of negotiation......where the vendor started out wanting to sell us a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for 1200 INR ($24).....and we finally paid 150 INR ($3).....only to learn that I could have paid 50 INR ($1) just a few steps away!

And then there was the visit to Qutub of my favorite places here in Delhi......

Humayan's Tomb was a Parker scaled a wall to a high point.....and then we snuck into an area on top of the roof of this old mosque.....and I caught him in the shadows.

Then there was this picture...taken at Rockman's Beer Island.....after his first flat tire on the way back from Neemrana Fort, in 118 degree weather, we were all craving an adult beverage.

And then there was the famous kissing of the camel!

Parker.......we are enjoying you being with us......this blog entry is ALL about You!

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