Friday, June 5, 2009

Ramesh's Birthday......# 32 !!!!!

May 27th was Ramesh's has been some time back now, and the blog entry is just making its debut. I am typically about 1 week behind....I wish i could find the time to blog once a day, but that simply isn't possible.

I am not sure if everyone realizes this, the second most dangerous place to drive in the world is India......this statistic popped up early in the research we did on India before moving. Linda knew that they only way the family would be safe was to ask for a driver....and the company was very nice to provide one for us......although it may seem like a luxury to any reader in the US, it is simply a MUST HAVE here in India.

Ramesh has been with me since I arrived.....October 1st 2008.....he picked me up at the airport as a professional driver working for a rental car service......I knew right away he was the man for the job....the guy that was going to keep my family and I safe while we are here in India.

How special is Ramesh.....considering that he left a job that he has worked for 12 years to come and work for our family says a great deal about him.....One of my earliest blog entries featured Ramesh.....

He may drive for us.....but he is truly much more....he translates, he troubleshoots, he gives advice, he runs errands, he is a GPS system,he is a historian, he is a tour guide to us and friends, he knows everyone, he is resourceful he has a great sense of humor (picks on Preston alot), he is a Zip Line participant and he basically fills ANY GAP for us when we are in need. He has become part of our family.

Linda has had more compliments about Ramesh than she has had about me!

For his birthday we had one of his favorite meals......we invited his friend Surrender and Surrender's wife Renu and their son Naman!

Parker was here to help us celebrate.....and Hiralal joined the dinner as well.

Linda personally baked him a cake and had purchased some of those trick candles that keep re lighting after they have been blown out. It was fun watching both Ramesh and Naman when they kept lighting back up on their own.

We learned a little about birthdays in was explained to us that birthdays are significant when a person is much younger, but as they age, there are not any formal parties like we have in the ice birthday birthday cards.

One of our friends, Cristy, gave Ramesh the nickname...James Bond! He is good....there is no doubt about it.

He certainly is more to us than a driver.......and not because of all of the miscellaneous tasks he performs......he has really been a blessing to us while on this adventure......we all think he is the best!

Happy Birthday Ramesh.......and best wishes for many, many, many, more!

The pictures did not come out too well......but here they are and a few bonus pictures.

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