Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soaring In India - A Zip Line Adventure

Parker's visit to India, combined with Preston being out of school, has provided us with the opportunity to do a bit more exploring outside of Delhi.

Last weekend we made a visit to Neemrana Fort for a cultural experience combined with something to get your adrenaline pumping!

Neemrana Fort-Palace was built in the year 1494.....and in the mid - 80's, renovations began to convert the fort into a heritage hotel property. The owners began renting only 15 rooms, but over the past twenty years, renovations have now expanded their inventory to 55 all very unique guestrooms.

Neemrana Fort-Palace now boasts all of the modern amenities one might expect at a 5 Star hotel; spa, health club, swimming pool, conference center, zip line, restaurants......did I just type "zip line"?

Yes.....Neemrana's newest amenity is a 5 stage Zip Line Adventure Course, that at present time,can claim that it has the longest zip line run in Southeast Asia.

Fun for all in the family.....including Ramesh our driver.

After a short trek up the slope of the Aravalli Range formation that the Fort is built on, we settled in for a brief instructional session......and then the fun began.

The most difficult part for the majority of us was the trek up the mountain.....or what seemed like a mountain! After that, it was all zip line....

It was great fun for all of us......and something not to miss!



arvind said...

Glad your enjoying what India has to offer Llyod,Will suggest more places when we meet.

Harshit Gupta said...

I am a real fan of Zip lining and never wastes any opportunity to experience it. Recently gone to Neemrana where flying fox conducts zip lining. There I was welcomed with 5 thrilling zip-tours that made my day. Found a recently article on Zip lining. Found it worth sharing.

Harshit Gupta said...

These seems to be perfect places. I have been to the best places to visit near Delhi which includes neemrana fort palace as well where I have done zip lining as well. 

Jennifer Martin said...

I do believe that Neemrana Fort Palace is a perfect destination for zip line adventure in India.