Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mathura - Off the Beaten Path

Ramesh our driver is a wealth of information and knows that I am always eager to learn as much about the culture of India as I can.

On the way back from Agra, he asked if I wanted to see what is believe to be the birthplace of Lord reply....WHY NOT!

Exploring India has been an amazing experience for all of us.....this deviation from the main highway to and from Agra produced just such an experience for the entire family to share.

Mathura is a vibrant city and Ramesh took us directly through the narrow streets of the city which was alive with the all of the sites and sounds of the market and market goers.

It is one thing to see India's historic sites from the perspective of a tourist; but it is wonderful to see things that the one would not ordinarily see, unless you immerse yourself in all that India has to offer.

The Mangoe Walla.....with the genuine smile......the young boys sharing the bed of a truck with a water buffalo......the donkey caravan that seem to be leading the way to their destination while their owner follows........the statue of an Indian God that has bitten a woman in the stomach who's identity remains a mystery........the gateway to the "ancient" part of the city that we viewed from the comfort of the car.

I urge everyone who visits India to venture off the beaten path and discover the incredible sites you will see ......the real India, the genuine India.


Anonymous said...

I love that reply, "Why Not" ! We've adopted the same attitude.

Looking forward to exploring the real India as well! Great shots.

Lloyd said...

Thanks for the comment Naomi. "Why Not!" has always led to some exciting adventures.....