Monday, May 25, 2009

Our First Adventure with Parker - The Taj Mahal

Yes everyone, the time has finally arrived; the long awaited visit by our oldest son Parker.

He arrived 6 days ago and is slowly adjusting to his temporary home for a little over a month.

Four short days into his visit, still suffering from jet lag, it was time for a road trip.

Last Friday afternoon we packed up the Innova and headed to Agra for an adventure we saved to experience as a family.

The ride down was uneventful, although we saw some unfamiliar sites..roads trips are always fun.

Our plans were simple....Linda had arranged for a guide to meet us at 5:45am, to avoid both the crowds and the heat....we were to visit the Taj at sunrise, head back to the hotel for breakfast and freshening up and then head back to Delhi.......Preston had a Biology final on Monday that he needed to study for.

Although the trip was quick, the Taj did not disappoint in the least...she was magnificent. After a visit, there should be no doubt that it was once one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

It was 22 years in the making.....there were 20,000 laborers per day for those 22 years building it. A ramp was built to assist in the construction that was a minimum of 10 kilometers long....elephants and camels assisted the work carrying the large pieces of white marble used in the construction. Inlaid precious stones were used to share 14 separate chapters in the Koran with those who visit. As a visitor, you cannot help but stand in awe of the genius that went into constructing such a monument with rudimentary tools at best. There is a true "center" line that helps delineate the perfectly symmetrical layout of the site. The only thing that is not symmetrical at the site is the tomb of Shahjahan, the grieving widower who lost his favorite of four wives while she was giving birth to their 14th child.

The Taj is nothing short of magnificent...another must see on a visit to India.....

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