Saturday, May 9, 2009

Invisible.......a Poem


I look for her twice daily as I make my way to and from work
There are times that I wonder if she is only visible to me
When she disappears and I wonder where she has gone
Only to reappear to the same spot she has claimed as her home
Always draped in black her body rarely takes form
When sleeping, curled against the wall she could be anything but human
These are the times when there is no sign of life
No movement; an inanimate object co existing with the chaos around her
She does not beg like others at the corner
Is she less needy than they
Her head is always covered, her face always hidden by the shadows
Yet she sits and stares watching life on the thin pad that doubles as her bed
Her sandals neatly placed before her in contrast to the litter tossed carelessly about
She seems content and not ailing
Although she has moved from the wall to the center of the walk
Does she remain invisible to all but me


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that.

areason2write said...

Kristie wasn't kidding - that was muy fabuloso!

Lloyd said...

You are much too kind!