Friday, May 8, 2009

Purana Qila .....The 6th City of Delhi.....and more BATS!!!!!

Excavations at the site of Purana Qila have revealed that the area has been continuously occupied since 1000 B.C.

Yes.....well over 3000 years.

It is also believed to be where the city of Indraprastha, the capital city of Pandava mentioned in the epic Mahabharata,once stood.

Remember my entry on Humayan's Tomb? If not, please go back and read the entry because all of the proverbial "dot's" are starting to be connected.

Purana Qila, is now often referred too as the 6th City of Delhi, as it was on this site that Humayan began to build his city in 1530, four years after the death of his father Barbur.

Humayan lost the city to another ruler who ousted him in 1540......his name was Sher Shah Suri.....who strengthened the fortifications and built a Mosque on the site as well as some additional buildings on the grounds. In 1545, Sher Shah Suri died, leaving his kingdom vulnerable and the dispossessed Humayan saw an opportunity....attacked and recaptured the city he had begun.

Humayan, used a beautiful octagonal building on the grounds for his library, and one day, with several books in his hand, he was distracted by the call for prayer, his foot getting caught in his garments and he fell down the stairs.

His injuries were fatal...this happened on January 24, 1556.....only a few short months after he had regained control of his empire.

The history of Humayan is was Purana Qila.....Preston and I always have a great time exploring these monuments...there is a very well done museum on the grounds that is included in the admission fee of 100 rupees ($2.00).....pictorials of the various excavations that have taken place....displays of the various objects unearthed dating back to 1000 B.C. when the first inhabitants occupied the site..

The perimeter walls of the fort have huge gated entrances where years ago countless of people used to move in and out of the city....while exploring one of these, Preston discovered more bats above his head......and of course, called to me to come and see.

The second time you discover such interesting creatures the more relaxed you are around is one of several up close shots and just before it the nice place these guys are living...

This is a "must see" on any visit to Delhi....the explorations continue and the adventure is alive and well......Incredible India awaits.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the history behind it as well! Looking forward to exploring these places after we arrive!

Will take care to stay away from the bats though ... NOT my favorite creature!