Friday, May 15, 2009

It is Question Time....and don't be shy!

To all of you who are reading my blog, I would like to extend the offer to you to ask questions or post comments.....anything.

I encourage all of you to leave comments.....on whatever blog entry that you happen to be viewing.....just post. I will do my best to answer each and every one of them.

The picture above is one of my favorites....a little girl who was so beautiful and shy......I felt that it was the perfect picture to illustrate that we all feel a bit shy at times.....I know I did.

I know from experience.......from researching about India before making the decision to relocate......I would read a blog and have many questions.......although I knew the person could help or answer.... I did not want to be a I didn't reach out. That was my I just want everyone to feel comfortable and not make the same mistake I did.

Trust me when I tell you that you would not be a bother.....your comments and questions are more than welcome.

Post your comments please...ask your questions......I am here to share our experiences with you.

I am in the process of trying to find a link that will be easy for you to contact me.....something I can place on the blog that will allow you to leave a comment that you may not want the WHOLE WORLD to see. Be on the lookout for the meantime, I encourage you to post.....There is a feature on my blog that allows me to read the post before it gets published, so if you mention that you do not want your question or comment posted, I will respect that. just mention it.

Thank you for reading......and trust me, this is not an appeal for "ideas" to write about.....India provides all of the opportunities for that......I hope you continue to read...and share the blog with your friends and family.

More importantly, for those of you outside of India, I hope that our experiences encourage you to come experience for yourself what a magnificent place India is. For those of you who are here in India, I encourage you to reach out.....ask a question, make a comment, give me advice......point me in a new direction...set me off on what you consider a "must do" while I am here.....interact.




Anonymous said...

I've commented a couple of times, and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and photos! Keep up the good work!

Lloyd said...

Thanks Naomi.....for the compliment and the postings.....I (we) are here to help with any questions.....don't hesitate to ask! All the best, LL

areason2write said...

I wonder what you will show your oldest son first when he gets to Delhi - what do you think will intrigue or surprise him the most

Lloyd said...

There is so much to show and tell......I'm not sure!

There are two things that I think will intrigue or interest him....

1)A TUK TUK ride of course! It's like the coolest of all cool things! This of course includes negotiating a price...which I will make him do!

2)and since he LOVES to eat, I may have to take him to the first place I ever had a Masala Dosa....the "McDonald's" of India.....Haldiram's....I think this will start him off just fine!

I am counting the hours till we see him....4 more to go!

By the way, thanks for the posts!