Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lazy Day in Lodi Garden

Tuesday was a very lazy day for me.....the office was closed for elections.....yes.....whenever an election takes place all of the offices shut down so that people can get to the poles to vote.

Linda had some volunteer work to do at the AWA office....so it was just Ramesh and I.....so I asked him to take me to one of the most well known parks in Delhi.....Lodi Garden.

It was constructed in 1936, at the height of the British rule in India.....and was the pet project of the wife of the then Governor General.....at was aptly named "Lady Willingdon Park".

The park is located on what was the south end of then British New Delhi...and in the process of making way for the park, the government at the time had to relocate a village of people to make way for Lady Willingdon and her project.....nothing stood I the way of the British!

The park was later named Lodi Garden due to the significance of the tombs that are truly the central features of the park.....tombs that date back to the late 1400's....and the last and youngest, Mughal structure to be built on the site of the park is a bridge that is ONLY 400 years old.

The architecture is amazing.....sometimes you just have to gaze in amazement at how the craftsmen of the time built a structure with crude instruments and without the aid of modern construction techniques......and they are still standing.

During my casual stroll in the park, I took quite a few photographs of the buildings and several very "lazy" dogs that were sleeping the afternoon away. Even the bee's were lazy and were not buzzing around, despite the temperature being in the upper 80's.

Lodi Garden is a very popular place for Delhites...for jogging, walking, sitting together and talking and if so inclined, taking in a bit of the incredible history that makes Delhi an interesting place to live.

Don't miss a chance to enjoy this "urban oasis" when you make a trip to India.


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