Monday, March 1, 2010

Holi 2010 - Preston and his friends in Technicolor!

While we were celebrating "Holi Gras"......Preston was in the thick of it all with his friends.

Malcha Marg, a street near the school with a small triangular park was the scene for all of the was a truly colorful scene.

After dropping him off with his backpack filled with ammunition, he called for me to pick him up.

I was able to only take one photo before he jumped in the car.........his seat wrapped in a sheet......and he asked me to drive him to meet some friends.

He was covered in color...........he described himself as looking like "Barney"........the purple dinosaur.....

After the colorful event was over......his friends mom was able to snap a few photographs before a well deserved swim in the pool.

It will take about a week before their skin and hair returns to a normal the meantime, we will enjoy our technicolored son!

Happy Holi!

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