Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walk for Life 2010 and an Invitation.

Can Support, the cancer patient outreach that Linda helps support throughout the year, is the beneficiary of the "Walk for Life".

The Walk for Life is now it it's third year, and it continues to grow in numbers of participants.

This year, the field grew even larger with a special section for those on wheels.....small wheels......skater's and skateboarders.....I even saw more pet's this year than I had seen last year. So bring your dog!

Last year, if you recall, I was a "last minute" volunteer for the walk!...I volunteered my services at the last minute to Roxanna,the CHIEF ORGANIZING OFFICER, who seemed a bit over stressed due to some logistical challenges. That was when she put me in charge of "security" at the front gate!

This year....while I was excited to be a formal volunteer......I even had to attend a Saturday Meeting. It was at this meeting that I learned that my scope and responsibility as a volunteer had substantially grown from the previous year.

Please don't misunderstand.........I am not complaining......I was very happy to help.

While I am not sure of my "official" title......I was again in charge of the main gate, but then I moved into logistics and coordinated the "Survivors - WALK of HONOR, then moved back into logistics with ensuring that on Roxanna's cue, all of the Corporate Groups made it to the staging area after the VIP's and on and on.

Last year......I received a T-Shirt.........this year, I had a special colored T-Shirt designating my upgraded status, in addition to an orange vest.....and a Walkie Talkie Radio with an ear is that for "official"?

Linda was with me all the way..........floating around as needed.....we watched the Front Gate together until I had to leave to get ready for VIP arrivals, etc.

I was sooooooooo busy this year, I did not have time to take the number of pictures that I snapped last year.

But I managed to get a few.........

I know.....all I have mentioned so far was Linda and me.....what about Preston you ask? While I made him get dressed and get out of bed, early, he decided to ride back to the house with Ramesh and join later. Too sleepy to fulfill his volunteerism!

When he did arrive however, he managed to get invited into the VIP Area with his friends.

While we are in India, and specifically in Delhi, we will continue to support the WALK FOR LIFE........the organization was founded by a survivor of cancer and it manages to continue to touch the lives of thousands who have cancer and provide support to those in need and to the families.....medicine, health care and hospice.

Linda and I have both had sisters that have had addition to other family members....we are grateful for all of the volunteers from various organizations that supported them during difficult times..........and we are both very pleased to be able to support, in a very small way, an organization that does such wonderful work.

I have a special request for those of you reading this blog entry, WHEREVER, you may live in this world:

1) if you live in Delhi or the surrounding NCR area.....come out and participate in your own special an entry fee! Walk, Run, Skate, Skateboard.....or volunteer....donate your time.....but don't miss the event next year!

2) if you live anywhere else, I urge those of you who have never done any volunteer work, to find an organization that you have an interest in supporting.....and make a difference in someones does not matter what the organization is.......but by donating your time, or supporting an organization of your choice financially, you will make a difference in someones life in a huge way.

I invite comments from everyone...........but I specifically would like to hear from those of you who live in India.....Indians, NRI's, expatriates......ask me about Walk for a comment about volunteerism......share your about your participation this year...what the walk meant for you.....and if you didn't participate.....ask how you can.....if you didn't walk and want to next year.....let me know.....say hello...I'll probably be in one of those very fashionable orange vests again!

Touch someones life........

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Anonymous said...

Because of other obligations, we could only participate by donating the entrance fee for our family (and couldn't physically do the walk) ... but hope to next year.

We have identified our causes and groups to support while we're here and it is SO simple to do something in the life of someone else. SO simple. It's a shame that ALL of us aren't participating in some way ...

Thanks for the encouragement for others to step up!