Monday, January 18, 2010

Hall Bazaar, Amritsar.........and a guessing game at the end

What a place!

Have you ever been to a place and just stood in amazement at what was happening around you?

Anywhere?.........take a moment and think about it.....a place where you were just astonished and just stood still...maybe with your mouth partially open....gazing and perhaps uttering words to yourself about the events unfolding before your eyes?

Such is the case of HALL BAZAAR in of the city's oldest markets, and still perhaps one of the most popular places for people to shop.....

We are currently working with an owner who is opening a hotel in the center of HALL BAZAAR......

Before catching the plane back to colleague wanted to purchase some food items to bring while he was shopping business, I began venturing further into the market.

I drew the normal stares and glances from shopkeepers..and patrons....curious as to what a 6'3 blonde "gora" was doing! It was one of the coldest days in Amritsar, and picture me strolling in a very busy place, with a long black woolen top coat walking in HALL BAZAAR......polished in hand.

To the shopkeepers and patrons I am sure that I appeared to be out of place....but I was certainly in good company.

Mishri, Kesarian, Saraiwala, Kathian, HALL? Does something in this list look out of place to you? These are the names of the other popular markets in Amritsar

It struck me as odd that such an ENGLISH name would be given to a market; so I decided to do some research as to how the market received the name "HALL".

What I found was scarce....all that I discovered was that it was named for a Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar who held his position in the late 1800's. That's where it ends.

There were two articles...each with differing I am not sure which is correct."C.D. or C.H."......some confusion, but that is where the information ends.

I am not sure how he contributed significantly to Amritsar; his notoriety, his place in history, his fame......but yet his legacy still stands today.

Hall Bazaar is an exciting place.....and definitly worth visiting should you find yourself in Amritsar.......and the hotel.....will be right in the center of all the action!

Now for some fun!


While I was there I noticed an interesting man from a distance....perhaps it was his orange turban that originally caught my eye......but I was also amazed at why he was sitting down and cutting sticks and putting them in little bundles..........

I finally asked someone....was so intrigued I snapped a few pictures.

ANY GUESSES? First person to guess correctly.......wins another fabulous prize!



Ram said...

Dear Llyod,

Bumped into your bog via Linkedin. Not being much of a "Linkedin" type person, it was fortuitous that I chanced upon your blog... interesting and humorous and compassionate.

Well, about the sticks... let me guess:
1. For making a fire
2. For Scaring cows away
3. All of the above
4. None of the above

So, when shall I claim the prize?

Best regards


Lloyd said...


Well I am glad you stumbled upon my blog....and that you seem to be enjoying it......but I am sorry to inform you that the guesses that you have made are not correct......

Keep trying.....and with regards to the prize......if you are the first to guess, I will deliver on the "special" prize. I have already delivered two such gifts to other contestant winners.

Keep guessing!

Google said...

Hello Lloyd,

I am guessing, what you are looking at are Neem sticks. They are often used to clean teeth as Neem has antiseptic properties.

So what is it with oral hygiene?
First the tongue cleaner and now this -- assuming of-course that I'm correct.

So what is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd

Are those twigs or sticks used for cleaning the teeth? Sorry my answer may not be right since the sticks look too long. But just trying.

Btw your blog is very interesting to read



Linda said...

It appears that even though Ram's guess was not correct all of the above could apply!! : )

Lloyd said...
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Lloyd said...

You are correct.....these are for cleaning teeth. Now to answer your question about the oral hygiene....quite honestly, I just happen to stumble on these me, I am not seeking these topics as permanent theme! It is just by coincidence....Now I have a question for you>>>>how do I get the FANTASTIC PRIZE to you.....Please send me and and perhaps you can provide some contact information. Thanks for playing the game! Actually.....THANKS to EVERYONE who participated....I always enjoy doing these, but.....I will seek something other than ORAL HYGIENE for the next one!

Google said...

"What a place!

Have you ever been to a place and just stood in amazement at what was happening around you?"

Indeed, I have. If you have ever crossed Grand Central in NYC around 5:00PM or the ground blow the former WTC center connecting people from New Jersey City to NYC, you will experience similar awe.

The first time I experienced it, I felt like what it must feel like to be inside a beehive. People buzzing, racing, crawling, running all around me; but, never once colliding. It was amazing!

Lloyd said...

I think we have all experienced this at least once or twice on our lives......While I have not visited Grand Central sounds like, from your description, that it was very similar to what I experienced at Hall Bazaar in Amritsar! Come for a visit!

相處 said...
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Zaheera Begum said...

Have you ever been to a place and just stood in amazement at what was happening around you?"

I HAVE! It was Chandni Chowk in Delhi. The colors, the people, the hanging wires, shops, smells, cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws! It was overwhelming and at the same time Mind Blowingly Awesome :) But I guess all old bazaars (around the world) give me the same feeling :P