Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recipe for Disaster

I am putting the final touches of this blog entry sitting in the airport in Hyderabad, India.
I never pictured myself as the type of person to be working /blogging in an airport, but such is the case in January… airports in India. This is the second such masterpiece I have either started or finished at one of several airports that I have traveled too in the past three weeks. Why so much time you may ask?
Winter weather in India is plagued with FOG………not just any type of fog………this is a special fog….thick, dense and aromatic fog………hmmmmmmmmmm aromatic……an interesting word to use to describe fog you might think………but it does have a very interesting aroma. Here is the recipe.
Grassy, woodsy, smoky, incense infused, earthy, a touch of diesel, a dollop of burning “eau de’ garbage”, a hint of fireworks, and a pinch of the fine alluvial dust that covers everything in Delhi year round.
It is like nothing you have ever smelled ……..unless of course you have been to India.
This FOG causes mass transportation chaos in India………on the road, by rail and especially air travel. It puts every form of mass/modern transportation at a complete halt……..causing massive cancelations or huge delays…….and while my current travel schedule has been somewhat non-stop since I arrived back in India, things have honestly been rather unpredictable and my schedule as I have known it has been thrown for a toss.
There have been occasions that the fog is so thick, while driving it is difficult to see any further than past the hood of the car. While I have been guilty of possibly exaggerating topics in the past, those of you who currently live in India can attest to what I have written.
The fog in India is unlike anything that you may have experienced……….while you may have been in fog as thick………..I can almost guarantee it is not as aromatic as what India has to offer.

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