Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sarah Palin in India? Help Define three new words!

Just two short months ago,Sarah Palin, "created" an new word while on National TV. in the United States.

She has been criticized for this gaffe and has become quite the fodder for humorists and late night talk show hosts; and probably will be for a very long time.

She has also earned the new nickname...."The Shakespeare of Twitter".

The word........refudiate!

Until I began researching this topic for my blog, I didn't realize that there is actually a title for someone that creates new words.

A person who creates or "makes up" new words is called a neologist.

The new word is called a neologism.......and it seems like we are surrounded by such "made up words" all over India.

Here are a few that we have seen around Delhi recently:




I thought it would be fun to open up to all of the readers of my blog, the opportunity to help define these new words..........

I welcome all of you to submit your suggestions on a definition for these new words.

And in the recent words of George W. Bush, another famous neologist, never "misunderestimate" your creativeness when you are attempting to define these new words.

Have fun!

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