Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visakhapatnam Beach

September 16, 2010

I am not sure that I can explain to you what motivates me to set the alarm at 4:30am..... to wake up and leave the comfort of the bed..... to catch the rising of the sun when I am near the ocean. Any ocean!

The beaches at Visakhapatnam have captivated me since I first walked on them two years ago during my first visit to India..........I immediately fell in love with their awesomeness, beauty and calming effect that they have on my soul.

What made this visit to the beach even more special was my mode of transportation......a Royal Enfield motorcycle, arranged for me to cruise along the beach road in search of the perfect isolated place to catch the first rays of the sun over the Bay of Bengal.

I snapped more that 230 pictures while I was at the edge of the water this morning.....I chose only six to share with you.

I am confident that the pictures will do more justice to what I witnessed, rather than the few lines of prose I have written in an attempt to describe the magic that unfolded before me. I hope that you enjoy both!

The Beach - Visakhapatnam 2010

When I am at the beach
time for me is measured by the rise
and setting of the sun

The thunder of waves crashing in the surf
slowing, calmingly as the edge of the water
eases its way up on the golden sand

The water’s edge cutting knife like
sea foam and bubbles clinging to the grains
receding back, pulling and tugging all within its path

The sunlight accentuating the abstract art
left behind along with exposed rocks and shells
repeating its rhythmic dance time and again

Between dawn and dusk
time disappears, vanishes
when I am at the beach

Beautiful......don't you agree?


Erika said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!

Sarang Date said...

Absolutely rocking Man.... I can see you had a great experience there !