Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Jaipur - The place where everything is happening! No pain, no gain!

Dear All,

Opening a hotel is one of the most challenging and demanding assignments that one can participate in.......throughout my career I have stressed to countless associates I have had the pleasure of working with, that "It's all in the details".

Nothing could be more true in an Opening Situation.

As challenging and demanding it is on the support staff, it is equally as tough for the staff who have left the comfort and security of their job, and have joined you for an adventure of their own.It is also one of the most rewarding accomplishments for them as well......being on the "Opening Team" of a new organization is a special time......people are close, enthusiasm is high, and planning, brainstorming, coaching and learning is taking place in every corner of the hotel.

The foundation of any well run organization is the training that takes place......this is where all of the "magic" begins. This is where the tiny seeds of knowledge are planted.....and day after day you begin to see the heart and soul....the CULTURE of the hotel come to life......

People from various backgrounds and different levels of experience all join together for one common carry out the mission, vision and the brand promise to the customer.

Meet the members of the graduating class of our first hotel.....their trainer Sigit, who was the deliverer of the message......see the enthusiasm on each of their faces......what you will not see is the countless hours they have spent multi-tasking, and working very long hours.....days on end.....some without a day off. They have the passion for what they do and they are eager to serve.

For those of you following this blog, rest assured that you have a wonderful place to stay in Jaipur.....and that there is a group of people that have one common goal in provide you with an Honest,Uncomplicated and Comfortable stay at their hotel.

We welcome all of you to Jaipur.......come for a visit and be inspired by what the city has to offer, and we will take care of the rest.


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Anonymous said...

exciting! We are planning a trip to Jaipur in the cooler months ... are you open for business already??