Monday, August 10, 2009

What has been going on?

Meet Panne SinghJitender Sohal(GM) and Panne
To all of you who have faithfully been following our India Adventure, I apologize for not making regular entries.

There has been very good reason for my lack of keeping everyone up to date, as I had faithfully attempted to do, however, in the world of the Blogosphere, there is simply no have to make regular entries or people simply lose interest. I hope that I haven't lost many of you.

It all started to go downhill for me in mid June......Parker's was still here on his visit and during a family/work trip to Jaipur, I took ill.

As it turned out, the result of a mosquito bite from a trip to Vizag resulted in our family's first case of Dengue Fever.

For obvious reasons, I was not feeling well, I didn't write, and if I would have, I could not have kept you in touch with the real truth, as I did not want to worry anyone back home....especially my mother, whom I hadn't yet told that I was not going to be able to make the trip back to the US to see her, due to the opening of our first hotel.

Oh yes, the opening of our hotel in Jaipur is going as well as can be expected......which has had me totally consumed for the entire month of July. That is quite simply the other reason I have not been making regular entries to the blog.

One might think that my priorities are all screwed before family, work before blogging,!

But honestly, I am having one of the most rewarding experiences in my entire career.....the work may be consuming my life, but I am enjoying every single minute of the experience.

So.....Dengue Fever, I encourage all of you to read about it.....there is no vaccine, no medicine, no get it, you live with took about an entire month before all of the symptoms were gone......the fever only lasted about a week.....but it was bad......Preston took a picture of the bed after I woke up once, and I may post it one is kind of gross, I had lost so much fluid by simply sweating it out that there was a clear outline of my body in the bed.

Then the OPENING.....we are still in the process of working through the construction challenges that are present everyday.....I spend most of my week in has been that way for over a month.

I am back in Delhi, tonight, writing this blog entry and will be returning on I thought I would take the time to create a quick entry.

Please bear with me through this hectic time and period of inconsistent posts. I am here....I am alive.....and I will be back in full force sooner than you know it.

Oh, if you have a guess as to the name of the hotel, based upon the pictures, please post your guess!

In the pictures.......Panne Singh- he is the Doorman with the wonderful another picture with Panne, Jitender Sohal, General Manager of the Hotel......a picture of the sign installers.....and a picture of the Logo on the sign the night of the installation.

All the best,


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