Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Kitchen Puja

The Chef Preparing the OfferingPlacing Garland on the God'sLighting the First Flame in the KitchenJitender and Ashish taking part in the CeremonyGifts and Offerings
Life is a learning experience......and while I was not surprised, the opening of the Kitchen at the hotel required a Puja.

This time the Puja was not performed by a pandit or priest, but by our Chef.

The Kitchen Puja is an all important event and can only take place before anything is ever cooked in the kitchen......really before the first flame is lit in the kitchen.

Like other Puja's, offerings of food were made to the God's as well as offerings of money. Incense was lit and the first flame in the kitchen was started on the offering plate.

I received another red string tied around my wrist.....and I still have the strings on my wrist that were with me since before 26/11, the Mumbai attack. I will not remove them....they will have to naturally remove themselves.

All of the kitchen equipment received a similar string tied to it and as you walk through the kitchen still today, there are remembrances of the Puja.

The blessing of the Kitchen has certainly done wonders.....in many ways.

One of the bonuses of opening a new hotel is getting the opportunity to participate in all of the "Food Trials"......and the Chef and his entire team in Jaipur are EXCELLENT!!!!!

The food has been superb......breakfast, lunch and dinner.....always something new to try...and I can honestly say that I have not had one bad meal at the restaurant.

Here are some pictures of the Puja.....and there are many more of these to come!

Bon Apetit!

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