Tuesday, September 8, 2009


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- MSN Encarta heart·throb [ hrt thròb ] (plural heart·throbs). noun. Definition: somebody considered romantically attractive: an extraordinarily attractive person, . man, esp. a film or pop star, who is attractive to a lot of women or girls
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Shah Rukh Khan, also know affectionately as "SRK", is by far one of the most well know and popular Bollywood actors in India.

So popular and loved by many, that he is sought after by major companies to endorse their products......DISH TV, Mobile Phones, Insurance, Automobiles.....you name the product and his image is associated with it.

Like most "Hollywood" types......I would also say he is a "handsome" guy.....and talented.....of course.

Most recently, and as a result of his popularity "Worldwide" there was a recent incident in the United States that involved SRK that sparked all types of controversy......he was detained and searched during a recent visit to the United States......now while he has fans all over the World...including the United States, it wouldn't surprise me that if some of you reading my blog would not have heard of him before this incident.

Oh, there are several beautiful actresses that, by definition, could be considered "Heartthrobs" in their own right.....although the designation usually refers to a man. Aishwarya Rai, Bollywood Actress and Miss World 1994, she is not only popular here in India, but due to several appearances in the United States on Oprah and David Letterman, she is admired there as well.....

But this blog entry is not about SRK or the beautiful Aishwarya Rai....true HEART THROBS of Every House in India.......this is about something that struck me as funny.....an example of how India never ceases to grab your attention......or positions things in an amusing way at times......or sometimes just makes you scratch your head and wonder.

Take a look at the following photograph that I took of one such item that amused me......and made me scratch my head.

I took this photograph at the construction site of the hotel we will be managing in Pune, a city just east of Mumbai (Bombay). It is a photo of an empty bag of Cement......it didn't catch my eye due to it's uniqueness or beauty......but, it caught my eye due to the marketing slogan that graced the printing on the bag.

VASAVADATTA CEMENT......the Heart Throb of Every House.....wow...what a claim!

Never in my life have I ever thought of cement in this way before....not once!......I have never thought of it as attractive, handsome or beautiful in anyway......nor have I ever been infatuated with cement......but, that's India.....just when you least expect it, India will make you look at something in a different way......change your opinion....and sometimes just make you scratch your head and WONDER......

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