Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspired by a Shimla Sky

I claim not to be a writer, a poet,nor a photographer.

When I am inspired by some humbling experience, this time by nature herself, I cannot help by try my hand at all three.

The poem below is written with no capitalization purposefully.

The photographs do not do justice to what I witnessed.....but they are all I have to share. They appear at the end of this entry; a slight change to how I have placed them in the past.

I hope you enjoy.....Shimla.


i was amazed at the sight of the shimla sky
the billowing clouds forming the perfect canvas
for the sun to create a masterpiece
for my eye

surely i was not the only one to see
the beauty of collaboration of clouds and sun
the glow alone should have caused thousands of souls to
gaze in awe

but i was the stranger, the newcomer of sorts
perhaps what was so unique to me was commonplace
for those who live in this paradise of
peaks and valleys

this thought alone should make you yearn
for a chance to see what these two will create for you
for sometimes you are given but one chance to
say, “i saw”


Anonymous said...

beautiful! is that a shadow you captured in that last shot? wow, wow, wow!

Lloyd said...

Yes.....the sun was directly behind that cloud and it was causing a shadow on the other cloud.