Sunday, September 13, 2009

Turning 48 in India - the Day After Celebration

The Four Points by Sheraton Pastry Chef who created my Birthday Cheesecake
The Cadre of Chefs
The Blueberry "Birthday" Cheesecake
Is there a blueberry in my nose? Getting "caked" by Hitesh
The Four Points by Sheraton Jaipur Family

August proved to be a very busy month for me.......I spent my birthday in New Delhi and the next day I was back on a plane to Jaipur where I had spent a majority of the entire month.

While being away from my immediate family was tough, it has been nice being part of a much larger family.

I arrived in Jaipur the afternoon of August 22nd, and shortly after settling in I was summoned to the third floor of the hotel for a birthday celebration in my honor.

Just like in the United States......the celebration is much the same with the exception of one tradition.....the smashing of cake in the Birthday Boy/Girls face.

The "cake" served was my favorite......Cheesecake.....and it was very yummy.....thins one was made by the pastry chef's at the hotel....a Blueberry Cheesecake! It was decorated with the well wishes for a very Happy Birthday and several of those "trick" candles that continue to re-light after they have been blown out the first time.

I will be forever thankful for the well wishes I received from everyone back home, in the office, from Visakhapatnam and upon my return to Jaipur that memorable Saturday afternoon.

Doesn't that Cheesecake look yummy?


areason2write said...

what? no 7 layer dip?

Big Fan said...

Hey! Happy birthday big guy! I have been following your blogs religiously. No pun intended. I hope you are doing well and staying. How is the family doing and adjusting?

Lloyd said...

The family and I are doing extremely well......Big Fan....thanks for asking.....send me an email via the company address and reveal who you are......I have an idea but I am not totally positive!

gbrennan said...


Wish I could have been there. The way you have taken the country by storm I expect your birthday will becomae a national holiday in just a couple oy years.

Cheers my friend,

george brennan