Sunday, February 22, 2009

Character's,Critter's and the Walk for Life

As with any public event, I knew to bring the camera along as I was confident that it would provide the opportunity to snap a few pictures of some interesting sites or people.

There was an Indian version of Charlie Chaplin......and a clown that was at the end of the race greeting the walkers as they were nearing the finish line.

The puppy.....which I asked to be kept away from Linda, provided some entertainment while the walk was taking place.....he wasn't as cute as Murphy!

While Linda was distributing drinks at the end of the walk, she fell in love with a young boy who was with a school group. He had approached her at the table....and took several drinks.....and kept coming back for more. Linda loved his smile....and of course she obliged him by letting him take more drinks......but his teacher must have discovered his gluttony, and asked him to return some......but Linda thought he was so cute.....I snapped some candid pictures of him.

He was a stunning little boy........who has no idea that he is being made "famous" by being featured in this blog!

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