Sunday, February 22, 2009

Discovering Delhi: Humayun's Tomb

A few weeks ago, Preston and I discovered Hauz Khas....and we both thought it was time that Linda joined us for the fun of discovering the "Incredible India" that exists all around us in Delhi.

After the "Walk for Life" we returned home, only to realize that we still had a huge part of our day it gave us the opportunity to explore.....Humayun's Tomb.....and you get another history lesson!

Before we arrived, we learned a great deal from Ramesh on the ride over. In his previous job, he would take tourists visiting Delhi to sites like this all the time....he shared with us that Humayun's Tomb is sometimes referred to as the "Mini Taj Mahal" was built before the Taj and there are many similarities between the two.
Humayun's Tomb was commissioned by his widow.....the Taj by a grieving husband for his wife whom he loved dearly. The design used in Humayun's Tomb is considered to be the first example of proper Mughal Style which was inspired by Persian Architecture, and it is clear that the Taj borrowed some of the same elements.

The name Begum and the number 14 also pose some unique similarities between the two buildings. Humayun's widow,Hamida Banu Begum, commissioned the tomb to be built for her husband 14 years after his the case of the Taj, it was the wife of the Emperor who died while giving birth to their 14th child, a son named Gauhara Begum.

Construction of the tomb began in 1562 and took a total of eight years to complete....including the gardens and water features that surround the tomb. There are several other tombs that are part of this complex that sits on approximately 20 acres on the East side of Delhi.

The buildings are magnificent and it is very difficult to believe that they were built 4.5 centuries ago......they are in such great physical shape....truly built to stand the test of time.

A visit to Humayun's Tomb will certainly be on our list of sites to take visitors......enjoy the photo's.

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