Saturday, February 28, 2009

......"Up on a Roof" minus James Taylor

Yes....We "climbed way up to the top of the stairs" And "the stars last night put on a show for free".....

This time of the year, before the sweltering heat of the summer, people all over India utilize their "Terraces" as places to enjoy, entertain and escape. When I was looking for places to live, I discovered from the real estate agent that terraces are very popular with the American expatriate community......and I have a simple philosophy as to why. I will refer to it as the "James Taylor Factor". Yes, I am of the belief that JT planted this fantasy for those of us who grew up in areas of the US that simply never had the benefit of access to a rooftop or terrace......the construction of pitched roofs are so prevalent throughout the US,flat roofs simply do not exist in most non urban areas. Hence, we expats that grew up in the South or Mid-West never had the opportunity to our own "rooftop paradise" "stairs to climb" and no gazing at the "city lights below".

Terraces cane be simple and plain, or they can be transformed into beautiful gardens......yes, complete with grass and flowers,gazebos.....just like a "backyard on the roof".

Last night, Linda and I were invited to our first "Terrace Party" hosted by her friend Lynda and her husband.....who also live in our neighborhood. The food was wonderful, the "adult beverages" were served by Lynda's son, who has obviously had practice in helping out at such events in the past. Their Terrace is VERY VERY VERY nice and one of the prettiest Terraces I have seen....a true "paradise".

We have a Terrace......but it is not an oasis by any stretch of the imagination......I would describe it as a.......ummmmmm..flat roof. We have some plans.....for our own Terrace Party's...yes...plural. While it does not have gardens or fountains or a gazebo, I am looking at our terrace as a "Blank Canvas" that can be transformed into any themed event that we would like to have. How cool is that!

Linda has met some wonderful friends, who I have also had the benefit and pleasure of getting to know, as well as their husbands. It is just a matter of time.....before it is our turn to have everyone over to our place for some type of fun.

Enjoy the pictures from our first Terrace Party and I will introduce you to some of the friends that Linda and I have met while on our "adventure".

In the picture with all of the gals: from left - Kelly(who you may recognize from the function at the Australian Wine and Food event, Georgia(who is the adoptive parent of the cute puppy featured in the blog entry on the "Walk for Life"),Linda, and Roxana(who was the chairperson for the 2009 Walk for Life).


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