Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Mughal Emporer - Safdarjung

I caught a cold.......and I am not a good patient. My cold started on Friday which was a bit of a bummer because Linda and I had purchased tickets to the Aussie Wine and Food Event.....and there was no way I was going to miss it....sick or not. I had been looking forward to it all week.

Sunday, as you can tell, was my day of just relaxing, taking care of my cold and catching up on my blog entries......but boredom set in for both Preston and I. If I were back in the United States, I would have just jumped into the car and headed for a drive.....only Parker can uphold the Lauland tradition of.....driving to escape.

Ramesh had the day Preston and I grabbed a Tuk-Tuk at the end of the street and off we were to Safdarjung's Tomb.

This tomb was also fashioned after Humayun's tomb which was built some 200 years before. Safdarjung's son erected this tomb in his fathers honor in 1754.....22 years before the United States gained it's Independence from Britain. Safdarjung's son didn't realize when he commissioned the resting place for his father that he would be responsible for the last significant example of Mughal architecture in Delhi.

It is truly a beautiful building, that is currently undergoing restoration. Restoration work is revealing some beautiful hand painted design work that has been covered for sometime.

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Erika said...

Thanks for the updates!! Glad to see Linda is enjoying herself!! Send my love to Linda and Preston!!