Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walk for Life - Our First Volunteer Project as a Family

Last Sunday was an early Sunday began at 6:30 to get ready for our first volunteer project as a family.....the "Walk for Life". I just know that if Parker was with us in India, he would have been along side of us...pitching in with all of his heart.

Linda was the first to volunteer for the event, and I decided at the last minute to tag along....guessing that I would be able to be put to work in some capacity. So Linda and I left a note for Preston who was still asleep, and headed off in the early morning hours to help the organizer's set up. Ramesh dropped us off and headed back to the house to wait for Preston to wake up.....and bring him to the event later that morning.

When we arrived, Linda went to her post working the Registration Desk and sure enough, I was quickly put to work as a "Security" guard at the gate. Apparantly the two ladies that were to be at the post had not arrived at their scheduled I went to work.

This is only the second year that "The Walk" has taken place and from what we were told, it is growing in participation.....and the need for raising funds is growing as well.......each year there are more documented cases of people with cancer here in India. Some attribute it to the change in lifestyle as well as diet.

Estimates of participation in this years event was approximated at 5,000 walkers......and hopefully next year it will be even larger.

I am sure that Preston and I will be involved in more of these activities through Linda's participation in various organizations.

It was a great day......and it felt good, even though we played a very small role, to give back to the community. Preston was able to help out quite a bit, distributing drinks to the walkers at the conclusion of the event.

I am not only looking forward to next years "Walk for Life" but I am looking forward to the next community service event that comes our way. Parker, we miss you...and love you......and wish you were here with us to help out!

I snapped some pictures of the event.....


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