Sunday, March 22, 2009 "A" Block Vasant Vihar

Preston and I stumbled upon a park in "A" Block of Vasant Vihar which has been transformed into a beautiful flower garden by the New Delhi Horticultural I wish they would do the same to the park next to our house!

This park was filled with several varieties of flowers, and between he and I we shot several hundred pictures......just hoping to capture something fantastic....

So after reviewing the 321 photographs that I shot, I thought that I would share five of my favorites of flowers that were being visited by bees. Although I enjoy taking pictures of flowers, it is always fun to capture something unique.

The ones I selected are far from National Geographic material, but nevertheless, they are fun to look at....and were fun to take. explain the title.....I look at photography as an "art form"...but my sister, Betty, is the true artist of the family. Just recently, she has taken her talent to a new level and has started to offer her work to willing buyers....and her paintings,ceramics or other works always include a small "bee" as her signature; something she uses as a "twist" of her first initial...."B". BeeArtworks is how she "markets" herself.

So this is my version of BeeArtworks.....India style! Her talent far surpasses mine.....I can't seem to make anything happen with a paint brush and perhaps with a camera I might be able to develop some talent.....I am just trying to be as artistically talented as my big sister! There is no harm in there?



Erika said...

I think your photos are fantastic!! and rally enjoy seeing them!! Send us photos of your home now that you are all moved in!!

areason2write said...

these are great - your sister would certainly "Bee" proud!

Kirby Trapolino said...

Lloyd- stumbled across your blog last night and your profile photo took me by shock. I was in Andhra Pradesh, south of Vizag on the coast, and found the head of a statue at the beach there. I think I was probably as equally as intrigued as you were in finding the body of a statue washed up on the shore. I thought it a unique coincidence at the least that we both had similar experiences, with you finding a body, and I finding a head. Here's the photo if you're curious:

I'd love to correspond with you about your experiences in India. It's not often I find a fellow citizen who has experienced life there. Drop me an email sometime at kirby(at)peacegospel(dot)org. Cheers!