Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Nothing Old, everything new, something borrowed, nothing blue!"

For those of you who may be reading our blog and are wondering about the title of this blog is simply an adaptation of a saying that typically applies to a BRIDE in the United States.....a custom of sorts....I'll explain!

The entire saying comes from Victorian Era England, where it was customary for a bride to incorporate each of these items into what she wears as good luck and for a happy marriage.
"Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a sliver sixpence in her shoe"

Needless to say, in the USA, the last line of the phrase is often eliminated.....for obvious reasons.

Hence, the title of this blog refers to our experience leading up to attending Swati and Himanshu's wedding.

We had nothing OLD.......all three of us decided to purchase NEW clothing for the wedding.....There was something BORROWED......but nothing BLUE.

Shopping in India is always interesting, fun and a learning experience....

For the two "guys", the experience was quick......and painless...well sort of. We simply took some advice from Sonya on where to shop.....walked in, announced that we were attending a wedding and needed to purchase something to wear.....and Presto...within a half an hour we were all done. Except, for me......I was unable to complete my wardrobe purchase because they didn't have "Jutti's" to fit me.....yes, it was explained that only 1 out of every 55,000 people in India have a size 13 finding large shoe sizes of any type will be a challenge......especially in Indian footwear....but as you can see from the pictures.....persistence, some guidance, some aggravation from the hassles of haggling, and a few extra litres of diesel, and visits to several shops....I have a snazzy pair of jutti's.

Preston and I also had something borrowed; the two silk "scarves" that we are wearing were borrowed from the generosity of was a last minute addition, but it certainly put the finishing touches on our outfits.....we need to go and purchase two of our own. Thanks to Sonya......who once again has proved to be an invaluable resource to our family......she is truly helping us navigate through the waters of our India Adventure......and the sailing has been smooth.

I hope that all of you agree that Preston and I looked "smashingly handsome" in our Kurta Pyjama's and Jutti's......yes, it was the most comfortable wedding I have ever get to wear pyjama's.....well that's what they call them anyway!

Linda didn't find anything that she liked that day, so it took a few trips to a few stores, but in the end, she found something that looked absolutely fantastic......she looked the best out of the three of us.....and it was so wonderful to hear her say that her outfit made her "feel like a princess".....and minus the tiara, she truly looked like one!

I almost forgot....the something borrowed....through one of Linda's friends, she was introduced to a jewler.....yes.....YIKES....but wait.....I have been telling you how INCREDIBLE INDIA is yet another example.

Linda visited with the owner of the store who began showing her very elaborate jewelry from his store......urging her to take whatever she wanted.....his philosophy is simple....BORROW whatever you need...whatever makes you feel beautiful......his kindness and generosity through the years to the expatriate community has paid dividends that can only be imagined.... Linda was very conservative in what she selected to accessorize her outfit......but in the US, things like this only happen in Hollywood.....not to ordinary people like Linda and I. Incredible, warm, generous, kind, gracious........India.

We had a wonderful time at the wedding.....enjoyed our new clothes........Preston did have some pain....a small blister from his Jutti's....but that was it.

PARKER....get ready.....we are taking you shopping when you get here...there is a pair of Jutti's and some Kurta Pyjama's waiting for you! You too will be able to look as handsome as Preston and Dad!


Erika said...

Wow - You all look fantastic!!! I love the outfits!!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda, you look absolutely beautiful!

Woody and Katie