Sunday, March 8, 2009

Market-ing 101 - A Visit to I.N.A. Market, New Delhi

Markets come in all shapes and sizes in Delhi.....a complete range...simple to sophisticated......those frequented by locals where very few expatriates shop, to those that specifically carry items that expats are familiar with from their home countries.

There are markets that specialize.....the fabric market, the spice market, the meat market, the produce market, the book market, the bike market.....any commodity that can be sold, there are markets (clusters of shops) or simply a street, that have concentrations of vendors hawking the same or similar items.

And then there is I.N.A. Market......which has a bit of it all. A few weeks ago, on the way back from our visit to Safdarjung Tomb, Preston and I stopped for his first visit.

I had previously visited this market, once to purchase the "Tongue Cleaner's" I brought back for Erika, and some cashew nuts for the plane trip......and once for a visit to the I.N.A Meat Market..... the open air, non-refrigerated, fly infested, pick out a chicken from the cage and have it butchered while you wait, fish and shrimp and......and the "aroma's" and the combination of melted ice and other liquids all making their way into the crude drainage that get the picture?

Yet, I.N.A. is considered one of the best places to shop.....and I do recommend it.....and a visit or two......the experience is unforgettable.

Linda has been on several trips with other are some of the sights.......and look at those shrimp/prawns.....huge....probably 2 shrimp/prawns per pound.

This is a definite visiting place for Parker when he joins us for his visit in a few months......this will be his training grounds for shopping, bargaining, and getting a good feel for the other places we will be visiting when he arrives.

Enjoy the photos!

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