Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pink City Blues!

Jaipur is thus far Linda's favorite city in India.....and although Jaipur is high on my list, I honestly haven't visited a city in India that I haven't liked.

Jaipur is rich in History, Heritage and Legend......One such "legend" is how Jaipur earned the designation of being the Pink City.

The story is told as follows:

Jaipur needed a fresh coat of paint to welcome its distinguished guest, the Prince of Wales, in 1905-6. The contractors inability to supply any other color in the required quantity compelled the choice of pink shade for its walls. A contractor’s compulsion famed Jaipur to become known as the Pink City.

I cannot attest to the accuracy of the information....because several of the websites I visited had different years that the Prince of Wales visited......the earliest stated that he visited in 1852......some in between, and the latest was 1905-06. Who knows?

One thing is for sure.....Jaipur is a very special place and besides the history/legend behind it's name.....Jaipur is also know for Blue Pottery.

The influence of the Mogul Rulers can be found in the architecture and arts throughout India. Like these, the use of Blue Glaze was developed by Mongol artisans who combined Chinese glazing technology with Persian decorative arts. This technique travelled south to India with early Muslim potentates in the 14th century. During its infancy, it was used to make tiles to decorate mosques, tombs and palaces in Central Asia. Today, the art is being revived by only a few skilled artisans.....but they are making many decorative items for modern consumers to use in their homes.

When Linda learned about Blue Pottery, her first visit to Jaipur would not have been complete without a stop at a place that sold Blue Pottery....luckily, one of my earlier visits to the City I learned of just such a place that has their own artists and factory.

All handmade and hand painted.......the result of this timeless tradition yields some beautiful works of art....vases, drawer knobs, tiles, coasters, bowls,figurines, plates, furniture....

I have no doubt that our family and friends will be recipients of some Blue Gifts from the Pink City!


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