Wednesday, March 11, 2009

....more Holi fun!

It seems like everyone gets excited about Holi!

The excitement unfolded right before our eyes, and Linda and I enjoyed the views from the balcony of our apartment.

Holi gets started very early......first with the Security Guards, then Ramesh and his friend Surrender...and then as the neighborhood children woke up, they joined in the fun with water guns, and water balloons.......wetting each other down before the colorful powder began to hit....we could hear the drums from a nearby band playing somewhere near the was very festive.

Linda and I had fun....even though we just watched the excitement from the comfort and cleanliness of the house......but, when one of the neighborhood kids saw me up on the balcony taking pictures, he did his best to hit me with a water balloon.......but he missed!

The pictures are of Ramesh, Surrender and the Guards, and one of the dogs in the neighborhood that didn't escape the fun.

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