Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diwali - Gifts, Gambling, Lights and Fireworks

Hello again everyone.........time to share yet another celebration with you. Deepavali, Devali or Diwali as it is known, is a major Indian festival celebrated by Hindu's, Sikh's and Jain's (the three major religious groups) around the world. Yes, there is probably a Diwali celebration going on right around the corner from wherever you may be reading this from. Today these three groups celebrate it as the "Festival of Lights";where the lamps or lights celebrate the triumph of good over evil in everyone. Hindu's in particular celebrate Diwali much like Christmas/New Years combined......yes, gift giving and fireworks!
I received my first Diwali gift from the wife of the owner of the hotel in Vizag......a decorative box of "treats".....and they were yummy! Knowing that the only way I could share them with you was through the blog, I made sure that I took a few pictures.......they tasted as good as they look! OK, they were pretty, but I must admit that I was leery about eating the "shiny" ones......which are covered in real silver! These Indian sweets are known as "Barfi" and they do taste
wonderful.......the one in the back is almond flavored and the one with the nuts....pistachio....which I admit was my favorite! I looked up "edible silver leaf" and learned this very interesting fact......the use of silver foil in Indian food dates back thousands of years, its claimed; in fact, India converts 13 British tons of pure silver into edible foil each year! That little one shaped like an apple was tasty also!
The week ended with me being invited to my first Diwali party......they have actually been going on for several weeks.......where friends and family get together and play cards and gamble.....the gambling ends on Diwali, which this year falls on Tuesday, October 28th! This party was hosted by a friend of Sonya's, Tanya and her husband, and happened to be just down the street from my "Home Office"! The parties start late.....I was told to arrive between 9:30 and 10:00pm......dinner wasn't served until midnight.......until living in India, I thought that Louisiana had everyone in the world beat when it comes to having festivals, parties, and I am beginning to wonder! I took some pictures of the decorations and people at the party to share with you...... Happy Diwali!!!!

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