Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Right there, no down a little, now up...hmmm..ok you can stop"...

House hunting in New Delhi has been many things, but I can say it has never been boring.......and until I captured the pictures above, I had never truly associated it with having an "itch.....scratched.....and satisfied". Hence the title of this blog entry.
I have been house hunting....or apartment shopping.....with a professional real estate agent named Rahul Rewal. Rahul is a great guy....and I will have to take his picture and create a blog entry just for him...but back to the entry. Rahul has shown me around the areas of New Delhi that I have been concentrating on at least 4 times now.....and I am sure he is cursing me....but today I went back to the last apartment he took me too on was dark and I wanted to see it during the day and have a look around the neighborhood also.
The apartment is in an area of New Delhi called Visant Vihar....and I heard Rahul refer to it as "VV" yesterday on the phone...see,I am picking up on the local colloquialisms.
Well, I think this is the one.....after it receives Linda's approval via photographs.
So Rahul......after tomorrow,(he is taking me out one more time), there will be no more "down (VV), Up (Golf Links), over to the right (Defence Colony), a little more (Sundar Nagar), Down again (Shanti Niketan), over to the left again(Jor Baugh), a little more (West End) now back (VV)....aah yes....I think you have it.
The pictures of these two cows was taken on the street the apartment is I think it was another sign that "things will be good for ALL of the Lauland's" while we are on this India Adventure!

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