Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lunch at the Club!

I was invited to have lunch by our Corporate Director of Human Resources, Sonya Verma Singh and her family. Being a gracious host, she offered to let me choose the place to eat, and the choices were plenty; the American Cafe', which serves an all you can eat buffet sounded very tempting, but I insisted that she pick her favorite place or her family's. When I saw her yesterday, she informed me that we were going to be dining at "The Club". The Delhi Gymkhana Club was founded in 1913, during the heyday of the British Colonial Rule. Membership is closed at the club and the waiting list is 35 years long; although Corporate Memberships are available for a very hefty price. It is mainly a social club, but they do have some of India's oldest existing tennis courts, 17 in all; clay, grass and composite....if you are a tennis player, they have it. Expansive lawns, a swimming pool, Card Rooms, Spa and Health facilities and some of the best food in New Delhi. They even have a building that houses a Library! There was a buffet in the center room of the main building and a band was playing, but it was decided that we would have lunch in one of the Private restaurants which serves Chinese. The food was great, it was wonderful meeting Sonya's husband and her two son's, and the real treat was hearing "Blueberry Hill" being played and sung with an Indian accent by the band!

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