Sunday, October 12, 2008

A New Delhi Sunday Drive

If you are wondering what a "DAY OFF" consists of for me right now, here is a peek into my Sunday! It isn't much different that what would have taken place at home.....I am just without my family and thousands of miles away.....but the routine is the same.
Normally, this would be extremely boring......but I have cool pictures to illustrate some of the things I did ( of course, you may still find it boring).
Ramesh picked me up at 1:00pm and we toured neighborhoods...again..then I asked him to take me to a new place for was a place that Prem (my friend from the plane) suggested Ramesh take me too. It is just on the outskirts of Connaught Circle (Circus).....Hotel Saravana Bhavan or HSB for short. There are even 4 locations in the good ole USA.....for those of us in the south, the closest is in Decatur Georgia! Go figure, I had to travel 14,000 miles to find them. Great food....and it was right next to a McDonalds, which was more expensive!
Next he took me to see some of the Government buildings and then we made it to Hauz Kaus Village for some furniture shopping. It was in the village that I came across an art exhibition and I took some pictures outside the gallery. it was a great day, found the source where Pier 1 buys their extraordinarily low prices compared to the states....and there was a 30% off sale! Enjoy!


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