Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dusshera Again!: My second Thursday in India and another National Holiday!

I am beginning to think that India has as many festivals as Louisiana. Yes it is true that on Wednesday, I celebrated this same holiday in South India (Chennai), but today it is being celebrated in New Delhi. I was driving through several neighborhoods in South Delhi, looking for the ideal place for Linda, Preston and I to settle, and came across several parks which were being decorated for the evenings festivities. In Delhi, neighborhood organizations put on a live reenactment of the story of Rama defeating Ravana. Replica's of Ravana are constructed of different materials and are erected; later in the evening, the actor playing Rama shoots an arrow into the stomach of Ravana and the replica catches fire. The evening is filled with fireworks and music and food; just like Louisiana! Here are a few pictures that I took at one such celebration site. I wanted to witness the celebration first hand, but I decided to sit this year out and enjoy the view from my car. Next year, I will feel a bit more comfortable and will enjoy it with Linda and Preston.

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