Saturday, October 4, 2008

My "Home Office" in New Delhi

As I explained to many of you before I left, I am currently living at our temporary office space which has been set up in an apartment. This is typical of the type of housing that Linda, Preston and I will be living in (I will post a better picture in the near future). It is a 4 story building and we occupy "Floor 1", which in India is really the 2nd Floor. The ground floor, or "Floor 0" is considered the first floor of a building! My "Home Office" is truly my home; when everyone else leaves at the end of the day, my commute is wonderful! The refrigerator is stocked with food and drinks, breakfast items are in the pantry, marble floors, granite counter tops, lots of storage, a king sized bed, a "house boy" that washed all my dirty clothes and folded them while I was out today, and cleaned my bathroom after I showered this morning. It is truly a different lifestyle. I have a cook too.......breakfast, lunch and dinner; but I haven't used him for any meals yet, so I am not sure how he cooks! But that doesn't mean that I am not eating well......the food is very good and I am enjoying getting to know the "lay of the land"; and exploring the restaurants is one of those important things to become familiar with. I will use him.......but today I "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup" for breakfast. You may have noticed that I didn't say "frozen".......Linda packed 4 packages for me, which I quickly removed from my luggage and put in the freezer yesterday when I arrived. They were the only things in the freezer, and they would have been perfectly frozen after 24 hours! When I opened the freezer they were gone! Frantically I looked in the refrigerator and noticed they had been moved; obviously someone must have thought I made an error and moved them to the "right" side.......They drive opposite we do, so maybe the houseboy thought that I was thinking that everything was backwards; even the fridge. They are back on the "left side" which is right for me!

P.S. Alright, this is India after all......something has to be broken....everything can't be paradise after all. Well I did leave a few details out, but they are NOT COMPLAINTS! The A/C is a little loud.....its a window unit and they are by nature.......I have stayed in hotels that have A/C's just as faucet in my bathroom only "trickled" until it was shower, was also a trickle......but I had plenty of hot water......probably until the shower head gets replaced; then I might run out. And then I was awaken by a pigeon this morning, "cooing" outside my window. You know he had to be loud for me to hear him over the noise coming from the A/C unit, which is at the same window! I have learned to keep my camera handy since being in India, because there is always something to share.

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