Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scenes while venturing out

Pindi is the restaurant that Ramesh took me too today.....the food was wonderful. The place was extremely busy.........they are known for their North Indian Cuisine......very yummy! The "market place" that Pindi is in, is not typical of other market places I have seen and visited; this one only features restaurants! This would be equivalent to "restaurant row" in a US city, but on a much smaller scale. You can tell from the number of visitors that this marketplace is a great place to eat and that the food is safe and delicious. Because it is frequented by many tourists, there are many "entrepeneurs"! It cost me INR100 (100 rupees) to take a picture of a real Cobra Charmer! I could have had my picture taken sitting next to him like the lady in the picture, but I wasn't interested in having a snake around my neck today. I'm sure the family and I will visit Pindi when they get here and then we can put the snake around Preston's neck!

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